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Sexual Enhancement Package
Sexual Enhancement Package

What is Your Goal?

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Ephedrine Diet Pills


"Ephedrine Clearance Sale" - Now 65% Off
High Potency - Fast Weight Loss
100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Formula
(Contains 25mg Ephedrine)

Want Rapid Weight Loss?
Are you looking for a Fast Weight Loss Solution that requires minimal effort? EASY WEIGHT LOSS WITH RAPID RESULTS, ISN'T THAT WHAT EVERYONE IS LOOKING FOR? If you want to Lose Weight Fast, then we have an All-Natural solution that can help.

Although diet and exercise can help you lose weight, many people don't have time to exercise. Most people are searching for an Easy Weight Loss Solution that requires no Dieting or Exercise. If you're one of those people, you're in luck. Our High Potency Weight Loss Package with EPHEDRINE SIGNIFICANTLY ACCELERATES THE METABOLISM WITHOUT ANY CHANGE TO YOUR DIET OR EXERCISE LEVELS.

Learn How To Avoid The Weight Loss Roller Coaster
Everyone is familiar with the "Weight Loss Roller Coaster" (losing weight and then gaining it back). If you have difficulty losing weight or you lose weight just to gain it back, you're not alone. Losing weight is difficult because OUR BODY HAS SELF-REGULATING MECHANISMS THAT PREVENT WEIGHT LOSS.

Have you ever wondered why diets fail? WHEN WE RESTRICT CALORIES BY DIETING, OUR BODY REACTS BY SLOWING DOWN OUR METABOLISM. Although you might lose weight temporarily, you will gain back the weight because of the slower metabolism.

How To Lose Weight & Keep It Off
It's a well known fact that our metabolism regulates how many calories we burn, therefore our metabolism controls our weight. INCREASING THE METABOLISM WILL ACCELERATE WEIGHT LOSS while decreasing our metabolism will lead to weight gain.


Your metabolism is functioning at all times, so increasing your metabolism will INCREASE THE AMOUNT OF BODY FAT YOU BURN AROUND THE CLOCK! With your Metabolism at Optimal levels, you will not gain back any weight. The key to Permanent Weight Loss, isn't that what we're looking for?

Weight Loss Without Diet & Exercise
Scientific Advances in medicine have revealed a number of plant extracts that increase the metabolism. THESE PLANT EXTRACTS HAVE BEEN CLINICALLY PROVEN TO ACCELERATE WEIGHT LOSS. It's commonly thought that strict dieting and intense exercise is required to lose a significant amount of weight. The Ephedrine Diet Pills makes this theory completely obsolete. MULTIPLE CLINICAL STUDIES HAVE CONFIRMED SIGNIFICANT WEIGHT LOSS WITHOUT ANY CHANGE IN DIET OR EXERCISE.

The Ephedrine Diet Pills combine a wide array of Clinically Proven plant herbs into one unique formula, giving you one of the safest and most effective weight loss supplements ever developed. THE EPHEDRINE DIET PILLS GUARANTEE THE HIGHEST DEGREE OF FAT LOSS POSSIBLE.

1. Dramatically Accelerates Weight Loss
2. Increases Lipolysis (Breakdown of Stored Body Fat)
3. Increases Energy Levels
4. Accelerates The Metabolism
5. Twice As Effective As Any Other Fat Loss Formula
6. 10 Times More Effective Than Diet & Exercise Alone
7. Increases Energy Levels & Alertness
8. Specifically Targets Body Fat & Preserves Lean Body Mass
9. Burns Body Fat To Fuel Your Daily Activities
10. Eliminates Excess Water Retention

Burning BodyFat For Energy
The Ephedrine Diet Pills also allow your body to burn fat as a source of energy. Currently, only 20-40% of your energy comes from stored body fat. Just IMAGINE HOW MUCH BETTER YOU WOULD LOOK IF OVER 70% OF YOUR ENERGY CAME FROM BURNING BODY FAT.

By accelerating your metabolism and burning a higher percentage of body fat, the Ephedrine Diet Pills can help you start losing weight immediately. This scientifically advanced formula is proven to be MORE EFFECTIVE THAN PRESCRIPTION WEIGHT LOSS MEDICATIONS, AND THERE ARE NO SIDE EFFECTS. Experience the results for yourself.

Lose BodyFat - Not Muscle
Many diets and supplements promote weight loss, but a LARGE PERCENTAGE OF THE WEIGHT LOSS COMES FROM YOUR MUSCLE. When you hear about people losing 5-6 pounds in one week, you can be assured that they lost a good amount of muscle and water weight.

MUSCLE IS WHAT GIVES SHAPE TO YOUR FIGURE, so you don't ever want to lose muscle. Muscle also burns calories and elevates the metabolism, so keeping your Muscle helps optimize your metabolism. The EPHEDRINE DIET PILLS WERE SPECIFICALLY FORMULATED TO BURN BODY FAT, so you can be assured that you won't lose muscle.

180 Capsules Per Bottle
2 Capsules Per Serving
6 Week Supply (Value Size)

25mg  EPHEDRINE (100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Ephedrine)
300mg Citrus Aurantium (Bitter Orange 6% Synephrine)
100mg Forskolin (Coleus Forskohlii 20% Forskolin Extract)
500mg Super Citrimax (HCA) Garcinia Cambogia Extract
200mg Capsicum Annuum (Cayenne Extract)
228mg Guarana (22% Standardized Extract)
150mg Chromium Picolinate
100mg Acetyl L-Carntitine
150mg L-Tyrosine
200mg Kola Nut Extract
100mg Green Tea Extract (60% Polyphenols Standardized Extract
175mg Yerba Mate Extract
150mg E & Z Guggulsterones (10% Standardized Guggul Extract)
25mg   Ginger Root Extract
10mg   Bioperine
5mg     Yohimbine HCL
88mg   Proprietary Blend (High Potency Standardized Herbal Extract)

Clinically Proven Ingredients For Weight Loss
It's important to note that the Ephedrine Diet Pills CONTAIN ONLY CLINICALLY PROVEN INGREDIENTS, so you can be assured that you're taking a product that's backed by Science. Only the highest quality pharmaceutical grade Ingredients have been included.

It's very important to recognize that this Package contains the optimal dosage of each ingredient, which GUARANTEES THAT YOU WILL EXPERIENCE THE BEST POSSIBLE RESULTS. Here is a brief summary of what each ingredient can do for you:

CITRUS AURANTIUM (BITTER ORANGE 6% Synephrine): Stimulates the Adrenal System to increase the body's metabolic rate.

FORSKOLIN (COLEUS FORSKOHLII): Initiates a Chemical Response in the body that assists the Fat Cells to be burned as a source of Energy.

SUPER CITRIMAX (HCA): Fruit Extract that Suppresses the Appetite and improves the body's ability to burn bodyfat for energy.

CAPSICUM ANNUUM (Cayenne Extract): Increases Circulation & Creates a Potent Thermogenic Effect.

YOHIMBINE HCL: Specifically targets burning bodyfat in the Alpha-2 sensors located in the Abdomen & Thighs.

CHROMIUM PICOLINATE: Prevents the body from storing bodyfat & regulates sugar metabolism.

YERBA MATE EXTRACT: Accelerates Thermogenic Activity & assists the body in burning fat as a source of energy.

GUGGULSTERONES: Brings thyroid production to healthy levels for an optimal metabolic rate.

GREEN TEA EXTRACT: A powerful Anti-Oxidant that has been clinically proven to stimulate fat loss by increasing the metabolism.

ACETYL L-CARNITINE: Forces the body to burn fat as a source of energy & enhances mental functioning.

GUARANA: Accelerates Lipolysis (Breakdown of Stored Body Fat) through several different channels.

KOLA NUT EXTRACT: Helps Suppress Appetite & Combats Fatigue by Significantly Increasing Energy.

L-TYROSINE: Amino Acid that improves the efficiency of Neurotransmitters & Accelerates Weight Loss.

BIOPERINE: Increases Absorption of Herbs & Nutraceuticals so that your body utilizes a higher percentage of the ingredients.

180 Capsules - 25mg Ephedrine Per Serving
Many companies sell Weight Loss products, however most products contain 90-120 Capsules (with 10-15mg of Ephedrine) for $30-$40. Our Ephedrine Diet Pills CONTAIN 180 CAPSULES (WITH 25MG EPHEDRINE PER SERVING) FOR ONLY $44.95. Do the simple math and you will see that this is the "Best Deal" you can find anywhere.

In addition to the "High Potency" Ephedrine content, you're also getting a POWERFUL BLEND OF 10 "CLINICALLY PROVEN" WEIGHT LOSS INGREDIENTS. Do the simple math and you will see that our Ephedrine Diet Pills are the BEST VALUE ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET.

Contains Real Ephedrine - Not Weak Synthetics
Contrary to Popular Beliefs, NOT ALL EPHEDRINE IS CREATED EQUAL. Many weight loss products contain Ephedrine HCL. This is synthetic Ephedrine designed for Asthma relief. Many companies try to cash in on the weight loss market by selling Ephedrine HCL as a Weight Loss product. Although the Ephedrine HCL is much cheaper, it's quite ineffective for Weight Loss.

THESE EPHEDRINE DIET PILLS CONTAIN THE PURE EPHEDRINE THAT'S BEEN TESTED IN HUNDREDS OF CLINICAL STUDIES for Weight Loss. When you read about the Ephedrine Weight Loss Clinical Studies, they are referring to the Pure Ephedrine contained in these Ephedrine Diet Pills.

Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients at Below Wholesale
Due to our Extensive International Distribution Network, we get the Weight Loss Package in Large Quantity directly from the Manufacturer. With our high volume Purchasing Power, we get the HIGHEST QUALITY PRODUCTS AT THE ABSOLUTE LOWEST PRICES. We pass the savings on to our customers, therefore allowing you to obtain the High Potency PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE EPHEDRINE DIET PILLS AT BELOW WHOLESALE PRICING.

Guaranteed Results - Or Your Money Back
If you're familiar with Ephedrine, you've probably heard that the Government has once again banned all Manufacturing of Ephedrine products. As of 2013, COMPANIES CAN NO LONGER MANUFACTURE EPHEDRINE PRODUCTS. When our current supply runs out, we will not get anymore in stock. For that reason, it's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU STOCK UP ON EPHEDRINE WHILE IT'S STILL AVAILABLE.

Are you ready to take control of your weight and start looking your absolute best? THE EPHEDRINE DIET PILLS ARE GUARANTEED TO BURN AWAY POUNDS OF BODYFAT - OR YOUR MONEY BACK! Don't wait to start working towards the body you've always wanted. The Ephedrine Diet Pills are the Best Deal available anywhere, and they're now on a Huge Clearance Sale for the Lowest Price Ever, so why wait?

Regularly Priced: $109.90
(Ephedrine Clearance Sale - 65% Off)
NOW ONLY $44.95
Start Losing Weight Fast - BUY NOW

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