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Increase Lean Mass
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BodyBuilding Package – Increase Lean Mass
Our Pharmaceutical Grade BodyBuilding Package is specifically designed for individuals looking to INCREASE LEAN MUSCLE MASS & STRENGTH. Each one of the five Muscle Building Supplements within this package has been scientifically proven to enhance muscular growth.


BodyBuilding Supplement Combo Package
Our Bodybuilding Package combines five of the most effective Bodybuilding Supplements in the world: HGH Releaser, Tongkat Ali, AAKG (Nitric Oxide), and L-Glutamine. Below are some beneficial gains you will experience while using this package:


Significantly Increased Lean Muscle Mass
Significantly Increased Strength
Improved Recovery Ability
Enhanced Athletic Performance
Increased Energy & Endurance
Improved Protein Synthesis & Nitrogen Retention


L-Glutamine Enhances Muscular Growth
L-GLUTAMINE is the most abundant amino acid in the body, comprising 61% of the amino acids in skeletal muscle. IT AMPLIFIES HGH PRODUCTION AND ACCELERATES RECOVERY FROM INTENSE EXERCISING. With this being said it also increases Nitrogen Retention, so your body will retain the protein in the muscles for an extended period of time.


What HGH Does For Muscular Growth
If you’re familiar with BodyBuilding, you obviously know about HGH (Human Growth Hormone). HGH INCREASES LEAN MUSCLE MASS WHILE DECREASING BODY-FAT.


Knowing that your body is in an optimal environment for Muscular Growth, the BodyBuilding Package includes our Pharmaceutical Grade HGH PACKAGE. This HGH Releasing Formula can INCREASE YOUR HGH PRODUCTION BY OVER 300%, therefore increase lean body mass while decreasing body-fat.


How To Increase Testosterone Levels
Tribulus Terrestris and TONGKAT ALI Natural Plant Herbs that INCREASE NATURAL TESTOSTERONE PRODUCTION BY OVER 50%. Tribulus Terrestris has been around for many years and has been scientifically proven to increase testosterone.


Simultaneously Increase Testosterone and HGH Levels
The BodyBuilding Package has been proven to dramatically increase your Testosterone and HGH Production. The TONGKAT ALI will elevate your Testosterone production, while the HGH PACKAGE Amplifies your HGH Production. The synergistic effect created by the combination WILL INCREASE MUSCLE GROWTH WITHIN YOUR BODY.


All Ingredients are 100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade


(Testosterone Boosting Formula)
750mg Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) 100:1 Extract
500mg Tribulus Terrestris 40% Saponins



(Nitric Oxide Booster)
300 Grams 100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade AAKG


5 grams 100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Glutamine Peptide


(High Potency HGH Releasing Formula)
2 grams (2,000mg) GABA
2 grams (2,000mg) L-Glutamine
3 grams (3,000mg) L-Arginine
1 gram (1,000mg) L-Glycine Proprietary Blend (Increases Absorption)


Pharmaceutical Quality at Below Wholesale
Due to our Robust International Distribution Network, we get the BodyBuilding Package in High Volume directly from the Manufacturer. This allows us to receive PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE PRODUCTS AT BELOW WHOLESALE PRICES! We pass the savings on to our customers, therefore allowing you to purchase this High Potency BodyBuilding Package at the ABSOLUTE LOWEST PRICES. Guaranteed Results – Or Your Money Back. ORDER IMMEDIATELY!

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